Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Safa Mechudeshet

When I overhear people speaking Hebrew
I still get excited
and not just if they're doctors or writers
war heroes or farmers
even if they are criminals playing ten-pin bowling
or pimps or pawn shop owners
or any kind of folk I wouldn't normally spend too much time
hanging out with
its still the old new language I love
that was arrested in prayer books for 2000 years
and now flows through newspapers and basketball games and
women's magazines and erotic novels and flight manuals
that was silenced and now can't stop speaking
which represents for me
the potential for rebirth and empowerment
in visionary groundedness
the ancient one of days
from which light and dark
were created.

Artwork by Nikki Green http://nikkigreen.com.au/exhibitions/

And on a different note: Unwritten histories#38:

 "The crowd grew hushed as Sir Donald Bradman put down his bat and strode to the outfield where he bent down on all fours and appered to be examining the grass.
"What are you doing?" asked a puzzled member of the South African team
"I'm pulling out bindies (a thorny Australian weed) in case anyone plays barefoot here" explained Sir Donald.
"Come ON, Aba will you leave the grass alone, said Guy."

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