Sunday, October 27, 2013

My reservations about allopathic medicine

I went to a doctor
his words filled me with fear
he didn't tell me anything
that was helpful to hear

no sense of context
no sense of space
nothing I could do
the absence of grace

a future of decline
and operations
filled my sight
a future without hope
a future without light

it took conversations with friends
and family to get some proportion
breathe and feel the ground and
put aside mind's distortion

al tivtechu bindivim, beven adam she ayn lo teshua

on friday I had the nerve conduction test
he recommended I see a surgeon to put my mind at rest
but upon reflection where will this go

on sunday I played tennis, my strokes were better
than they'd been for a while
I had aches and pains, but if they were not for the new label
- cervical canal stenosis in C5/C6...i.e slight compression of nerves in neck - with spondylolisthesis -
I wouldn't have made much of it. As my sister said
"never underestimate the power of auto suggestion", every micro twinge
can become a harbing
of loss of autonomy and mobility
depending on where you focus your attention
getting stuck to the pain body as Eckhart Tolle describes the commotion
this is calling me forth to be clear

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