Monday, October 7, 2013

Watching Myself: Keeping Safe

A big part of my agenda is to keep safe (there are exceptional and unique circumstances where this has receded, and may still recede.)

Keeping safe is not the same as wanting to preserve privilege - the intentions behind them are different - but because there is no end to the project of keeping safe (its a subjective thing, some people may only feel safe when they've destroyed the world) they are de facto indistinguishable.

This makes me and Australia a good fit, because one of the central collective values here - as evidenced by the results of the last elections - is to keep safe/ preserve privilege.


The written word is the snail trail of our process. As soon as its down on the page its not completely true, because putting it down has changed your's a little poem about that

stumped somewhat that whatever I say
the opposite’s equally true
perhaps it’s not my, but language’s sin
that I’ve perjured myself
before I begin

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