Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A decalogue (decablog?): ten upwellings

 1)Ask yourself at any given moment: "what would love do now?" Quite often the answer will be "the dishes."

2)Kindness which is only practised within your own belief community  is not necessarily kindness at all

3)In order to get free of the person you first "have" to have a personhood (personality, i.e a set of relatively enduring and characteristic responses)

4)The five most important needs of the body-mind:

5) Money will go
Money will come
Adonai natan ve Adonai lakach
Yehi Adonai mevorach leolam vaed

6) Whether you dig down deep or climb up very high, either direction takes you back to where you started and never left: everywhere

7) There are many corrupt religions inside me: most of them teach that things and people are wrong the way they are; perhaps I should question my clergy

no aclaim

is poetry lame?

9)suffering is like a ball
tossed from being to being
no sooner has one left the game
then a fresh pair of legs
comes on and runs with it
but no one gets to hold the ball
for ever