Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Power of the Monkey Mind, the Power of Clear Support

I recently had a health scare (hopefully past tense but still need to undergo some more tests) which really frightened me and my wife, all because of what we did with four words the neurologist had put on a page.

After a week of terror and tenderness, the immediate threat receded, and I went back to all my old (bad?) habits. But what I learnt from this experience was

a) The power of the mind to pull me out of now into all kinds of imaginary scenarios based on complete conjecture - i filled the vacuum with worst case scenarios

b)living in the shadow of imagined death and decay can bring a certain clarity to what one does with one's time, and helps to be much more purposeful about choosing bigger purposes over smaller ones

c) the extent to which family and friends and others provided invaluable life-saving support in the form of remaining calm, clear and cool, and refusing to join me in jumping to the conclusions I was jumping to. Their sanity and wait and see approach has prevailed...they were my anchor when I was adrift, my ground when I was untethered, my stabilisers when I was unhinged. I can pay it back by paying it forward, and hopefully doing the same for others.

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