Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Resistance and Persistance

Here's a story told to me by a friend, Robyn Gam-Greenstein:

"I found a sick baby pigeon - was dropped at my feet, by a big black crow, as I was walking out of a shop. It was unconscious - i knelt down and starting giving it ‘reiki’.

The people around me were saying ‘dont touch it - its dirty’; ‘oh thats disgusting’; ‘r u mad ?’ and ‘’its dead -why u wasting your time !'

After about 8 mins of doing this the baby pigeon became conscious and then stood up and after about 20 mins flew away.

it happened outside ‘biancas - grub store’ in Old South Head Road, Sydney."

Robyn recalled this after reading a similar recollection of mine:

I found a sick pigeon
and gave it some water
when I returned
it had gone

(but its body was still there)

Although my initial response was to celebrate Robyn for her heroic compassion, or for being the vehicle for such, and to condemn the passer bys conditioned into indifference and fear, I now say:

Bravo to Robyn
Bravo to the Black Crow
Bravo to the baby pigeon
Bravo to the passer's by
who provided the stage
for her compassion


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