Saturday, May 7, 2011

Post -personal psychology

My post personal psychology is influenced by the teachings of advaita, and specifically by the teaching of Nisarghadhatta Maharaj in his book I Am That, and the Satsangs of Gangaji, Mooji and Isaac Shapiro. This psychology has the following theoretical assumptions:

aleph) There is no free choice, and therefore the goal of therapy cannot be to support people to make better choices

bet) Freedom is never of the person, but from the person

gimmel) The client and the therapist are not who they think they are; the story of who they are is what wants to be questioned

dalet) The fundamental transformative force is sincerity or earnestness

hey) Everything happens by itself - the notoion of personal agency is a myth. But there is a doer, who does everything.

vav) Change is inevitable

zayin) All process is postponement

chet) The past and future exist only in the now

tet) The best time to stop retelling the story of the past is now

yud) The best time to modify the story of the past is now

chaf)One of the best "spiritual" practices is the daily act of self-acknowledgement

lamed) The goal of therapy is to facilitate the therapist's and client's never ending process of letting go of the lesser to make room for the greater

mem) The goal of therapy is to investigate where the process has become stunted and blocked, so that the client may flow freely again

nun) By untangling and making conscious the knots that keep addiction and suffering in place Blake;s "mind forged manacles", the client's natural impetus towards reality reasserts and expresses itself more fully. "The seeing is the doing." (Krishnamurti)

samech) all attempts to establish causality are attempts to control the ebb and flood of reality, and only "succeed" in a limited way for a limited time. See why-evidence-based-therapy-is-lacking

ayin) Therapy primarily benefits the therapist. Any benefit to the client is a fortunate by product. Therapists engage in therapy because it benefits them, if all pretence is set aside.

pey) you are not the thinker yet "your" thoughts shape "your" reality

tzadi) no client, no therapist, no therapy

kuf) Enjoy your Self (Mooji)

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