Saturday, May 28, 2011

Its for your own good 1

My partner recently was recently fined $258.00 and lost two points (12 points and they take away your driver's license) for 'double parking" outside Woolharha school. That is, for drawing alongside another car for a few seconds while our child climbed in.

She had rushed there from work to pick up said child (who is still to young to use public transport alone), and was photographed by an unmarked car apparently from the Paddington police station.

Parents routinely stop anywhere they can along Forth street and pick up their children. they do this because from 2:45pm there is often no legal parking available anywhere within a kilometer plus radius of the school; I imagine working parents will continue to violate the plethora of restrictions placed between them and picking up their children in timeous fashion because their is no viable or common sense alternative; and they will remian easy targets for some quick income generation for local councils.

It does, however, seem to me to be a particularly punitive and petty use of police time. Of course we will pay up. There is no real recourse (who has the time and luxury to go to court), and technically we may have even broken the law (if stopping next to another car = parking).

The bigger question is who - if anyone - do these selectively enforced laws benefit. Certainly not working parents.

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