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 gross porno movie with overweight grizzled blowsy participants. The sound track is a collage of recordings from answering machine messages where sweet young things sound terribly enthusiastic about not missing your call, and call centre menus where you get to choose the action....
Adam veChava

Young beautiful naked couple
 ala woodstock
facing the camera unafraid, unashamed, unselfconscious, their hands touch
she has a stain of mentrual blood on her inner left thigh

PSA - the Australian coat of arms.
FX rifle shots. The kangeroo keels over. A joey emerges from its pocket and is clubbed to death, as per the guidelines...see this review of current legislation
then the kangeroo is stuffed, and glassy eyed, propped back up again next to the national coat of arms...

how to promote, suport and sustain ongoing integration in afractured world where contradiction seems to be built into the fabric itself?

Fertility G-dess

Heavily pregnant woman whose stomach protrudes like a third breast - in fact a nipple has been drawn onto her obtruding belly button so that it really does look like a large nipple...a man is looking on appreciatively (hungrily) saying "wow"
A father is showing his son some of the features of the summer night sky. Some can be seen with the naked eye, some like a supernova they train their 8 inch amateur telescope upon are only revealed in their full splendour through the eyepiece. the son searces the sky and stops on a celstial feature and gasps. we cut to what he is seeing...its is a spectacular supernova swirling in pinks and ornages and piurples and blues, and at its centre a dark blackness, what's that dad, he asks, dad says I'll look now, the son fiddles with focus controls, it becomes clearer and more centred
it looks like....a mouth or, no not a mouth...
the dad looks...
ah that son, he says, beautiful isn't it...some people say that's where human life came from...
what's it called dad,
that son is called the labia majora...beautiful aren't they

All wrapped up (it's a wrap)
Present wrapped in Australian flag wrapping paper and then so tightly bound with red tape the present has become misshapen and distorted


Guy is sounding off again on his computer about "the zionists this" and "the zionists that", tapping away furiously on the keys like a man posessed (which he is), we tighten on computer screen so that we can see what he's typing, its full of adjectives and hyperbole and righteous wrath and judgements...


dump trucks offloading their rotting cargo, a sewrage works pipe disgorging itself, cows burping and farting in a feed lot

Guy is now at a bar, trying to rouse his buddies, some of them are enrollable, others think its all a big joke...


Beautiful young child minder walking in park with her charge, a little girl who is five, together a perfect picture of feminimity, they meet a handsome young man, start chatting, the child minder finds herself having passionate sex with the young man in a secluded area while the little girl looks on fascinated, still holding onto the one outstretched hand of her childminder for comfort....what a loaded situation , charged with all kinds of taboo resonances...

and see here

Old woman whose jaws move mechanically on a piece of gum is rifling through fruit at a fruit and veg shop, turning over and pinching and squeezing. We are slightly irritated by her blissfully unaware presence - she blocks other shoppers who are trying to get to fruit. She finds something she likes , puts it in one of those thin thin plastic bags, ties a knot in it and puts it in a trolley, joing a multitude of other plastic bags each containing one item. She continues to the next variety of fruit


land fill site with mountains of plastic bags half decayd and being lifted by thermals to spin and soar before dropping


animal ingesting the plastic or chicks being fed it or seal with six pack etc etc

Intercut between flood coverage and cricket coverageto highlight the similarities...lad with audio so that sometimes we'r not sure which is been spoken of...


The spiral of life...ever since I saw these I've been on a downward spiral

Wanted: woman with large breasts to be photographed (face will not be seen) for a bona fide arts project...for details please call Mano. (Spirals radiating out from the nipple to cover entire breast - draw with koki pen). eg. Alex at eastgate

Large funnel which tapers down to a little tube the one end sheep and chickens and cows and pigs are fed into it, pushed and rammed and shoved into it and at the other end is a little chiuaua dog in a coat, manicured, who feeds from the dog food dish at the base of the funnel. Title? "Privileged"

Toilet cistern with cigarette box warning: Usng full flush may be hazardous to your planets's health

Warning labels at fast food outlets

Video installations in windows of fast food places showing factory farms:"what's wrong with this picture?"


water tanks dressed up as supeheroes with signs on them "I saved 10 000 litres of water today"

pictures of dried up rivers mounted above toilet cisterns in public toilets

pictures of landfill mounted above bins where compostible material is mistakenly being put

with STOP sign - stop - think - why make this mountain of rubbish bigger - put in the composting bin!


Recycle – a solar powered kinetic sculpture
This piece features a real bicycle and a human-rider-like figure made out of metal and plastic scrap with an electric motor mounted in a satchel on the figure’s back. The figure holds a large and whimsical umbrella which is covered in solar panels.
Current from the panels drives the motor which turns the legs of the human figure.
Behind the bicycle is an ordinary municipal rubbish bin which is being “towed” by the bike. The bin has been slightly modified: its lid has been removed and in place of the lid is a tight cover with a hole in its centre, large enough to allow glass and plastic bottles in. When a passer by inserts an item into the bin, it hits a trip wire as it falls. This activates the motor for two minutes. In other words, people have to put a recyclable item into the bin to turn on the motor and get “re-cycling.” A time switch keeps the motor running for two minutes after which it stops until someone puts more rubbish in. BETTER STILL MAKE IT A BACK PATTER
I keep Spinifex hopping mice, and I would employ them – at well above the minimum wage – to run on mice wheels that are connected to a generator which powers an old record turntable upon whose perimeter are mounted tiny little bicycles – actually micycles. The faster the mice run, the more quickly the micycles spin round and round.
A second mouse powered turntable could be used to play appropriate music. The practical applications of this invention are so obvious there is no need to mention them.

I look at pornography
like a fish struggling on a hook - tis needs to be a literal imageThe Cosmic Surfer...a chasid with peyos and beard flying, a big blue sky domed kipa, surfing on a skateboard between saturn and Jupiter

Veyerastich li....vuluptuous woman and man - naked - bound together with tefillin

"Human beings celebrating being on top of the food chain." Barbie (braai / mengal) where men stand around poking saussages, beers in hand, trading sports results, while women put out salids or sit talking, off to the side are several bound, truseed, handcuffed and blinded animals - a calf, a pig, a turkey, " waiting to be eaten. Above this hovers Christ on a crucifix and from his lips comes a speech bubble "merry Christmas everyone..."

Could do the same with pasach - zeh zeman cheyruteynu...time of our freedom, but not time of freedom for animals

Annotated diagram of the unconscious Australian, kafiya, wineglass, dog, pork sausages,
A guide to Jewish coloured glases for my Gentile friends and family
a) We don't celebrate Christmas, although we are forced to in one way or another
B) our imagery does not include angels with wings and harps, we don't hve a fascination with catsclasmic end of days armageddons,
C) When you say to us "he's a good Christian" for many of us that's an amzing Oxymoron and we
d) please take the time to attempt to pronounce our names correctly

1) Sign seen at an Australian T Junction

Diamond Beach

2) Meat

3) Post Industrial Holiday - they are in a holiday house with huge glass windows through which lush forest can be seen, but are all staring at a large plasma screen on which the same forest is electronically represented.

4)Video for the Blake competition: An army lieuftenant is shouting at his new recruits (both male and female)
"You are that sweetness"
"yes sah!"
Moves down the line, spittles in to the face of the next recruit:
"You are the Supreme."
"Yes Sah!"
Moves down to a very old recruit who is nevertheless dressed in marine fatigues:
"You will never die
"Yes sah"
Perhaps to a young child ( we wouldn't have noticed these exceptional cadets earlier, they would have been masked by the more normal looking soldiers"
"You were never born"
(In childish pipe): Yes Sah
Sarge ...I
"Say something soldier?"
"Sarge I...
"Speak up cadet!"
I don't think....I can....sah"
Yes. Don't think. Then you can. True. No doubts soldier. I know you better than you think you know yourself.

4) I wish
Muscular trim jogger

5) Production office

6) Jewish erotica - see 2009 diary


The mikvah experience

Third meal - when the male and female aspects merge - three people lie in a triangle, one male, one female one transgender, she is sucking the transexuals penis, heis sucking the transgendrs breasts, the transgender sucks the womans breasts, the man's penis is in the transgender sucking her breasts, a third person suck

sexual baby - to see the world as soft.

Fairy Tales for modern children

Once there was a family that had two children. They loved the one child very much. They would brush her hair and gave her a basket to sleep in by the fire. The other child was not so lucky. She had to sleep outside in a cold smelly pit, and no one ever spoke to her, although once a day someone would come and throw her a few mouldy scarps to eat.

One day some people came to visit. They heard crying and sobbing from the pit outside. Is someone hurt? they asked with concern. "Its nothing" said the father, "just a wild animal". But the faint noise persisted. "Excuse me" said the father.
He went outside and told the naughty child if she continued to cry he would beat her and cut off her tail. The child tried to stop crying, but the tears kept on coming.
Are you sure everything is allrighty asked the guests.

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