Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Magic Amen-tras for Jewish Runners & their Fellow Travellers

Eyn od milvado - Hebrew: "there is none besides Him"

Rabeynu shel Olam
- Hebrew: "Lord of the world"

Ad?nai hu Elokim
- Hebrew: "the G?d of mercy is the G?d of justice" - ie both the stuff we like and the stuff we don't like - what most people refer to as "good" and "bad" - comes from the same source, and when we cease to separate and split, our problems end too

Eyn Ani, Eyn Ani, Eyn Ani -
Hebrew: "There is no I, there is no I, there is no I." (Song by Israeli band Shotei Hanevua (The Fools of Prophecy) - If you want to hear this fantastic song ...

Also check out Shotei Hanevua members singing with Mosh Ben Ari and rapper Muki at a Yam haMelach (Dead Sea) music festival - Jah is One.

Try these amantras out out and see how they keep your legs pounding

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