Monday, July 20, 2009


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Dani's idea...what if a pilot who uses a visual guidance system gets a fly or bee in his helmet, what happens to his missiles...or better still...his plane...when the fly goes up the plane goes up...

The Jeffe Melman - janis Gritzman - Immanuel Suttner saga - never tangle with your dentist, or the lies I had to tell...

If local councils passed laws that pet fish had to wear little speedo costiumes (to help stimulate the local clothing industry)

The role of the bottle in Australia

They're on the bottle
After the caucus they were all on the bottle
a fair shake of the source bottle
a bottle neck in service delivery

The cost of keeping your word and doing your duty...what if a story makes clear the disastrous consequences of these...inverts received wisdom

what if fishing was treated like smoking, or drug use, or wife beating
what if eating meat and taking plastic bags and caged eggs were all illicit activities that have been driven underground...

you lucky fish

What if...

landscapes were more literally shaped by their occupants ( I won't say occupiers) an Islamic landscape, a Jewish landscape, a Hindu landscape, a Russian landscape, a men's movement landscape, a neo-con's landscape, a liberal landscape etc etc...kapish?

What if....

the galaxies are my cells and the stars are my atoms (then what do the atoms of the stars become, and what is the earth upon which my universe-body stands?)

What if wills were read out as if they were Oscars?

What if infomercials were delivered as if they were academic papers and academic papers were written as if they were infomercials...

What if the ad agencies that come up with the names of medicines did cars, and vice a versa. So 4.5 litre muscle cars would be viagra, the latest model would be latecummer, fuelaway for a frugal hybrid, etc

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