Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sydney is Beautiful Even if They Love Dogs But Hate Cows and Pigs

Here are some of the various moods of Sydney in the following order - the city scape of the CBD, Redleaf Pool and Garden, Centennial Park, The Gap where the Pacific enters Sydney Harbour, and the part of Sydney where we live, not far from the Gap - Diamond Bay. Not shown: the litter, drunks emerging from pubs, the red-light district, syringes, housing estates, etc. This photographic essay will, unusually for me, focus on the glass half full. Click on each picture to see it full size. See if you can spot Sydney Bridge in the first photograph.

Emigrating to Australia
is no more difficult
than being born

(both happen by themselves)

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All pictures on this blog taken with my trusty cellphone camera.

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