Thursday, November 6, 2008

The society for the propogation of Immanuel

I'm not sure how old I was when I first formed the society for the propogation of Immanuel - maybe I was 16, maybe I was 12, maybe it happened much younger - but I've been an enthusiastic member ever since then, for better and for worse.

Celebrity shopping and name dropping

The supremely talented Lisa Melman and I at launch of Hidden and Revealed - she sang I fumbled

Working with Israeli ambassador, Dr Alon Liel

Drinking Tej with Ethiopian colleagues in Addis Abbaba

Performing Carlebach in Glenhazel (those of you from there know how Glenhazel must be pronounced)

On the way to Makgadigadi salt pan in Botswana

With Ephraim Selamolela, one of the leaders of the Balemba, the black Jews of Venda

Im Yonatan Clegg - Le Zulu Blanc

Working for Tiri in Nigeria

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