Saturday, November 15, 2008

Instructions for my funeral

I have to work in order to support my creativity habit

Inscription on my gravestone: "Now no one can bother me."
Alternative inscription: "Seeing as you still have bodies, have a hug and a bonk for me..." (Just playing - the real inscription is below, in Hebrew)

Readings for my celebratory funeral farewell:

End of "Leaves of Grass" Walt Whitman
End of Kaddish: Alan Ginsberg

Inbalim bemireh veshrikot
vezahav bisadot ad erev
dumiyat be'ehrot yerukot
merchavim sheli vaderech

haeytzim shealu min hatal
notzetzim kizchuchit umatechet
lehabit lo echdal, velinshom loechdal
veamut veamshich lalechet
Natan Alterman

Please also read a few pages from "I AmThat" - anywhere would be good, but especially the words of consolation about everyone ripens in their own time, and ultimate liberation is unavoidable.

Rabbis of any sort are welcome at my funeral, but not to officiate. I never liked the idea of clergy. My friends and family can all do little parts.

My epitah

"Po nikbar gufo shel Immanuel Richard Suttner

Ish Chaviv
ohev milim
nigun yafeh
vedadei nashim

bead medukayim,
bead eyleh bli kol
uvelev libo
baad hakol"


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