Sunday, November 30, 2008

Australia @ Christmas time

What a nauseating deluge of commodification
what a povery of thought and feeling
magazines and newspapers bursting with huge catalogues
of things and things and things
to ram down each others stockings like Foie Gras feed
down the throats of geese

what a meaningless orgy of evasion
as if buying what is shiny today and discarded tomorrow
could somehow substitute for husbands giving
their attention to wives
parents giving their attention to children
employees giving their attention to what they were hired to do
people giving attention to their environments

this is not giving
this is running as far from giving
as matter will allow

but at least mercy is shown
to millions of pigs and sheep
and cows
who receive their Christmas gift
as a bolt in the brain or a knife at the throat
and do not have to witness
the drunks and the glass wounds
and the emergency rooms
and the desperation induced
by the gap between
the adverts and the reality

(Of course the States is the same , or worse, check out


Rabbi Rami said...

I seem to be having some trouble getting a note to you, so if you hear from me twice I apologize. I love your poetry, and have added a link to Manofesto to my blog at

Immanuel said...

Rav todot lecha Rav Ram, ve shal-om shanti shanti