Monday, January 16, 2012

Why I use the term "Nazi's"

When I refer to Germans during the second world war I call them "Nazi's". I don't use the term "Nazi's" in order to absolve ordinary Germans of their role in supporting, abetting and in many cases implimenting the slaughter of Jews, Romanys, Homosexuals, Poles and Russians, but to differentiate between the Germans of that era who were imbued with the leadership sanctioned resentments of Nazism, and the Germans who preceded them and who came after tham and have nothing to do with the Holocaust - indeed other peoples - such as the Turks who have never acknowledged or owned the Armenian genocide - have much to learn from German reparations and legislation since the war.

And on the topic of Nazi collaborators and the current upsurge of Holocaust revisionism in the baltic countries:

Does a person
falling into a mass grave
like the tree in the earless forest
make a sound so feint
that after six decades
it cannot be heard at all?

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