Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Hurts?

Of course thought takes you to a place of hurt, so as sages and clear see ers have always said it is our thoughts that hurt us. What thoughts about the Holocaust hurt? Not that six million were murdered in one way or another, because they would have died anyway, as must all flesh and blood, and who can say what time is right to die....so it cannot be their dying that hurts. Rather it was the hatred, resentment, agression, madness that underwrote the shoah that hurts (me)....

the murders were just the manifestation of that blind hatred which stripped Jews and others of their humanity....a hatred which appears to be resurfacing....and what is hatred but displaced psychic energy....and what about that hurts me.....whre dos it all start from? from the notion that we are body? that what we are is woundable? that this world of discreet manifestation is all that there is?

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