Thursday, January 19, 2012

Give us this day our daily Guru

It would be very useful to me - and possibly to "others" - if my living Gurus - for example Gangaji, Byron Katie and to a lesser extent Isaac Shapiro and Eckhart Tolle - could post videos of themselves not on the Satsang circuit, helping people during retreats and in carefully groomed contexts, but from during their daily round. For example

at the bank
in a traffic jam
dealing with a plumbing problem or a problem plumber
at the dentist (Isaac says he asks the dentist not to use anaesthetic of any sort)
interacting with very young babies and very infirm people and with mosquitoes, cockroaches and/or bad migraines
trying to find a parking place at, and in general, negotiating airports and modern travel

seeing these being handled might be even more helpful to me than helping people find out who they are, it might even point me towards what I truly am.

Also could I please see you working not just with the worried well but with psychotics, drug addicts, neo fascists, Down Syndrome and low iq people....or must they wait for another lifetime?

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