Saturday, July 16, 2011

Type 4s and the tendency to collude

Some type 4s, being conflict avoidant and seeking to come in to concensus, even when it is an illusory and artificial concensus, may find themselves colluding with positions that are anathema to their way of being. (This one for example.) How to reduce the percentage of collusion? See also water-and-stone

To find the delicate place between collusion and confrontation takes skill and good luck.

In the therapeutic context, its about walking the thin line between collusion and appropriate collaboration i.e the therapeutic alliance

NB A necessary precondition for effective therapy: I am willing to loose my client (straight after this session) ie.just like the judiciary, financial and emotional independence are necessary for a therapist to be able to deliver successful therapy


What is your physical state? how is your sleep? do you get any exercise? r u on medication? do you self medicate? do you have any addictions? (More accurate: what addictions do you have?)

Where is your life working – what wouldn’t you change? (Immediately turns the client towards a realization that their dysfunction is not omnipresent)

if therapy “works” how will your life look? What’s the result you want to create?

How will you and others know you’ve achieved this? (results of therapy must be quantifiable

How important is this proposed change to you? are you willing to sacrifice or give up anything in order to have/create it (turns the client towards thnking about their own levels of motivation, reponsibility and engagement with the therapeutic process. Implicit in the question is that clent is the primary driver of change)

“in the end (and at the beginning) people have to start somewhere”

“what’s a really usefull thing we can do right now” Immediacy – all process is postponement.

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