Thursday, July 14, 2011

What is baruch?

Baruch ata hashem elokeynu melech haolam...

Al tikrah baruch, ela be roch...
With softness you are the aspect of containment and the aspect of flow wwhich rules the universe...

The morning reflection "Elohai neshama shenatata bi, tehora he" = G-d the soul you have planted in me is pure - assumes a duality: there is me(the body? the personality?), and there is the soul that is planted in this "me". But surely the enduring "me" is the soul and the body which comes and goes and is most temporary cannot be the ground of "me"? So perhaps it could be reformulated as "Elohai gufi shenatata li, ben chalof hu, aval ani nishmati nitzutz tahor shel haohr haEloki" my G-d, the body you have given me is ephemeral, but I-my soul is a pure spark of the divine light."


Culture Makers: Linguistic renewal underpins every other kind of renewal because the first step in manifestation (after thought itself) is naked thought's 'undergarments' - language:

The Israeli army as a hothouse of linguistic invention - many new Hebrew words ( a number formed from Acronyms) have their genesis in the operational necessities of a working army. What will we call this truck? This psychiatrist? This fungus growing betwen my legs because I haven't showered for two weeks?

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