Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sulam Yaakov

See also poems 2011-5771 and poems 2012-5772

lying in the dark
desperate and
what could become alive
for a warm hand to touch
energy hurling itself
against the bars of the body
like a circus tiger or a cow in a slaughter box

what can be done with:
stick it in
shove it up
spread them
give it to em
show em whose boss
pound that
push it in deep
flick them
pinch and pull them
bang em?


I love to go up
but when I come down
to check my ladder's legs
are firmly planted
I usually miss
a couple of rungs
and fall with a bump
from which it can take
a long time to recover
by which time I'm already
wondering up again


I'm dying
but politely

O Lord
help me to accept with grace my chains
and then see they aren't even chains


I have this terrible itch in my side
I think G-d may be making
a woman out of me


There once was an ugly duckling
who masturbated all night in front of the tv set
only to discover
in the morning
he was really a drake

bodies will die
heads will fly
babies will cry
and the Self reign supreme

symphonies written
lovers smitten
the shy twice bitten
and the Self reign supreme






that which you like
that which you dislike
are one


A Song of Praise - Nishmat Kol Chai

The soul of every living thing praises you, unnameable One, and awareness everywhere celebrates being.
Always you are, from womb to tomb, from moment to infinity, and there is no other who liberates and redeems,
enchains and sustains, saves and contains.
In moments of contraction You are thinner than a hair, in moments of expansion more vast than a galaxy
Nothing is except You, unconditionally and purposelessly, eternally.
Present at the first and Present at the last, you are the indweller of every form
in every generation
the mystery that is always in front of us, of itsSelf
always adored, that arranges all
with mercy and kindness
You never awake, and you never sleep
you spin the wheel, you ARE the wheel
bringing sleep to the weary
wakefulness to the numb
speech to the dumb
silence to the busy
and let us say



Non dual prayers and blessings / tefilot and berachot

Blessed are you, O Lord, our G-d, the fountain of being, who puts us in chains and remove the chains
you give us bodies and take them away
who starves us and beats us and soothes us and feeds us
who puts us in crematoria and gives us fresh hope
who makes one man poor and onther one wealthy
who makes one woman prime minister and another a slave
(to be continued)


You think you're so smart, don't you
with your big breasts poking out at me
and your micky mouse slippers

You think you're so smart
with your 40 DDs
make me weak in the knees
I'll say anything to please
till they've been sucked and flicked and licked
and you've been dicked

often I am having two conversations with women simultaneously and, come to think of it, in an entirely different way, with men as well

On a similar note:
I fall asleep watching porn
penises stuffed into orifices
somewhere near woodstock
Chava and Adam
walk hand in hand
without any clothes
without any shame


going to a rugby game
I allow myself to be processed with all the rest
I drink my beer
I ride the bus
I do not talk of vegetarianism or sexual repression
I do not make a fuss

I shout the slogans

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