Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Witch of Washington

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Helen Joseph, the witch of Washington:

"Go back, go back, go back to your ghettoes
go back go back to your auto de fe
go back go back to your forced conversions
go back go back to your cossack pogroms
go back go back to your landless pale
go back go back to your second class status
go back go back to your yellow stars
go back go back to your blood libels and expulsions
go back go back to the state theft of your property
go back go back to your Chmielniki massacres
go back go back to your cattle trucks and pile of spectacles
go back go back to your death camps and crematoria
go back and vanish from my sight
like a wisp of smoke that never was


Dictator giving a speech, a tirade against some target group, in subtitles appears a translation of what he really means:
(my mommy never loved me, she was cold and remote)
(my father beat me mercilessly)
(I drowned a few puppies but soon decided it would be better to kill anyone who didn't agree with me) etc etc



psychologist as a deflated balloon, thin and rather scawny, but slightly buoyant, able to float a few feet above the chair
a client comes in , they are a huge and mishapen inflated balloon, a small rush of words leaks out as they uncomfortably settle down in chair, words leaking onto carpet, thenthere is a huge rush of words as the mouth of their baloon connects with the therapists "mouth"...thir words get pushed into the therapist, injected, they slowly deflate, but the therapist is now much bigger, filled with the rush ofwords, the therapist tries to disengage, thrashes around a bit, eventually the client baloon stahggers out, but in passing another huge and misshapen balloon enters, again there is an exchange of words, as the client uses their ovipositor to lay their words in the therapist, by the third client the therapist is no longer buoyant but weighed down in the chair, and almost as large as the client, by the fourth they are ready to explode and have begun leaking words themselves....

cut to

supervision. The leaking therapist is unburdening with a supervisory baloon, who grows a little bigger with each supervisory session

cut to

the supervisor is getting supervision from...

Can a "corrective emotional experience" include sex with the therapist? Not if the therapist will be guilt racked afterwards, apologetic, and wanting some kind of ritual humiliation at the hands of the client in order to atone.

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