Thursday, April 14, 2011

Resentment by any other name would smell as rotten

When I was attempting to be a teacher, I was experiencing some difficulty with classroom management. While speaking to a friend of mine, who has a wicked sense of humour, the following piece of advice was proffered. He said I should identify the smallest and weakest girl in the class, walk up to her, and punch her in the face. In that way I would get all the class trouble makers on side, and prove my credentials. I didn't take his advice, but is seems the merry folk of Marrickville Council (Marrickville rated the place with highest incidence of subjective unhapiness in Australia?) are acting upon that advice, and have selected a soft target with big enemies as a way of proving their PC credentials.

Why are these heroic defenders of the oppressed not boycotting Chinese goods....China's occupation and repopulation of Tibet have had a far more devestating and irreversible impact on Tibetans than Israel's presence in Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank where, incidentally, under Israeli "occupation" the Palestinain population has quadrupled ) and China's general record on Human Rights is far worse than Israel's....
There are at least two dozen other regimes around the world who are in conflict with rival national movements (for example Turks and Kurds, Russian and Chechneya etc) and who brutally supress these national movements in ways in which Israel, under intense and obsessive and microscopic international scrutiny, would never permit itself too, and yet the Marrickville council has singled it out as the only offender on the international stage worth boycotting.

Can anyone offer a convincing and rational explanation as to why only Israel is worthy of the Council's condemnation and boycott?
Methinks something's rotten in the state of Marrickville

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