Sunday, October 31, 2010


What if call centre operators were cast in adverts, so that the prduct was unintelligible?

What if real women were in washing powder commercials, instead of sterile bimbette-slaves with whitened teth and gym bodies whose entire sense of vocation is oncentrated in their role as family washerwoman?

What if all bran adds that "keep you regular" were filmed with happy custometrs on their toilets giving their testimony where it counts most

What if wills were read out as if they were Oscars?

What if infomercials were delivered with the cautious and measured double squeak of academic papers and academic papers were written with the hypnotic smiling blather of infomercials...

What if the ad agencies that come up with the names of medicines did cars, and vice a versa. So 4.5 litre muscle cars would be viagra, the latest model would be latecummer, fuelaway for a frugal hybrid, a staid family car would be dormicum, a low slung Italian beast Zoloft etc.

What if the galaxies are my cells and the stars are my atoms (then what do the atoms of the stars become, and what is the earth upon which my universe-body stands?)

What if animal rights activists started rescuing insects that had become trapped in spider's webs?

The Sydney Institue for Domestic Violence: Men helping men by sharing wife-beating strategies

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