Monday, October 18, 2010

Lets do coffee sometime

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A story about Jacob the piglet, the only one of his litter, who, whether it was blind fate or divine destiny, was spared from the abbatoir and landed up sniffing and snorting amongst garbage in a lane betwen two high buildings in the city. And there he sees several people passing by with a four legged animal on a lead, and these animals look snug and much beloved, So Jacob decides to do his best to adopt a new identity, so that he too will be hopefully taken home and fed twice a day and die of old age (rather than be castrated and have his tail and teeth docked and then gassed before being killed aged one year old). So Jacob tries to create some new ears for himself, and a nose that is pointy and does not end in a snout, and paws that have pads and nails rather than trotters...and when he has done the best he can with the means at his disposal he wanders out of the alley to chance his luck. And is taken home by a man who lives in a big house with a little girl who comes once every other week. So Jacob, who the man calls "Shadow" thinks he's done a good job, He thinks his oink makes a fine bark, and when he gets given a pig's ear to chew on, he cleverly hides it (while shedding a tear or two two for his sister's and brothers) so that his owners won't think his behaviours are odd. But one day Jacob is surprised when his owner...(to be continued, G-d willing)”


After my divorce I was paralysed for eight months. I buried myself in work, and at night I took sleeping pills. But by September the sharp pain had become a dull ache, and there were moments when I didn't even notice it. Urged on by some friends, I started dating women again. A divorcee here, a widowed mother of three there.
The Sydney Institute for Domestic Violence: Men helping men be mean and sharing wife-beating strategies

Story about a psychologist who is soon to graduate and wants to get their unmet sexual "needs" "handled" before beginning unsupervised clinical work. Comedy. tantra groups. brothels. etc.

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