Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vidui (confession) and other poems

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kesheani beafasut shel haaynut
uvaynut shel ha'afasut
yesh harbei harbei
hod ve hadar

This day
quarells and bills
and leaves dancing in the wind


For the mistake of not acknowledging others
for the mistake of not acknowledging myself
for the mistake of self condemnation
for the mistake of rigidity and fear of loss
for the mistake of counting my mistakes

For the sin of asking Jackson to climb up a tree and cut down a branch that I was afraid to – teyn li lichroa al chof slichato

I avoided (I can’t say refused – that hasn’t been my way) to take prayers at school kedei lo lehatot rabim...and because I had made up that the entire context and experience was synthetic.


The Swiss Hotel, Bondi Beach

large screens:horses egged on with whips
glassy suffering men and women tottering, trying to feel and forget
"Music": duf duf duf
fried dead animal
chew. poo. chew.poo.
forget forget

out near Tamarama
some dolphins cavorting in the waves

Riddle me riddle me ree

I am too hands on to be a theoretician
and too dreamy to be a technician
what am I? (see Emanuel 2009 diary for rest of poem)

A footnote to Yehuda Amichai's Open, Closed, Open

A part

the more internet the more disconnection
the more knowledge the more self deception
the more talking and listening the more flow
and endless space with "I don't know"

A woman in pink leggings
and a denim mini skirt worn very low down
walked past me
and then I glimpsed she had heavy low slung titties
O where are you going with your low slung heavy mothers
or to work?
or to the arms of your lover?
O Lord do not waste
the breasts of life

The Garden of Eden
is completely silent
and full of song

many times I have wanted to worship
at the temple of a woman's body
but drawing close
discovered it was alive
and retreated in fear


Who will you make the other today?
Why has Isaac only got pictures of beautiful people-less landscapes on his website. Why not of massgraves, landfill sites, abbatoirs, traffic jams...is the beloved not also these?

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