Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why the UN condemms Israel

Without wishing to further promote a Jewish narrative of victimology, it is also impossible to ignore the UNs obsessive focus on Israel while much qualitatively and quantitatively bigger serial "human rights" abusers are ignored. Here's one possible explanation, kindly supplied to me by master storyteller Donna Jacobs Sife

The Leopard's Revenge

A leopard was watching his cubs playing, but after a while he felt tired. "I'm going to rest a bit," he told them. "Be sure you stay here by my side. Don't wander away, it is dangerous out there in the open." The cubs stayed near their father for a while, but then they slowly moved a bit away from him. One lively cub forgot his father's warning entirely, and ran out to explore the strange country by himself. Along came a herd of elephants, moving slowly and silently through the countryside, and one of them inadvertently stepped on the leopard cub and killed him, and passed on without even knowing what he had done. A jackal saw the accident, and ran to tell the leopard the sad news. "Wake up, wake up, your son is dead." He led the father to his son's body. The leopard cried out in grief and anger:"Who killed my son? He will suffer for it! I will have his skin! Revenge! I will drink his blood! Tell ne, who did this?" "It was the elephants. Your son was playing in the undergrowth, and the elephants passed by and trampled him without noticing what they had done." The leopard was silent for a long time. Then he jumped up and cried out, "The elephants! The elephants? Nonsense! Why would the elephants kill my son? You are mistaken! It was not the elephants -- I see it now, it was the goats. The wicked goats have killed my son, and I will have my revenge on the whole tribe of them!" And the grieving father called together all his family, and they went down to the meadows and fell uponn the goats, and killed the whole herd of them, crying, "Revenge! Revenge!"

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