Thursday, August 13, 2009

Diary of an eco-warrior

I walk or ride my bike to the neigbourhood Coles to buy groceries. this gives me exercise, saves petrol, and reduces our carbon footprint. I take my own bags so as not to use the enviromentally damaging bags that the Coles cashiers are seemingly trained to proffer.

I try to go to Woolies more than Coles, because of their free range egg policy - Woolies has decreased the range of caged egg brands it stocks.

see my list of environmentally friendly products on this blog

(Where are the visionaries amongst Australia's retailing giants? Surely at staff induction they can train their shop floor pawns to encourage customers to bring their own bags? Its good to be an entrepreneur, its even better to be a visionary entrepreneur. )

I carefully read the ingredients of almost everything I buy. I aim to purchase cheeses made with non-animal rennet.

I buy free range eggs and trust that the labelling is reliable (more on this in another post)

I buy mayonaise made with "non caged" eggs.

I don't knowingly buy anything that contains palm oil, as palm oil plantings are causing much rain forest destruction, and helping to cause the displaqcement and posssible extinction of many species. I sympathise with the poor farmers who may be involved with this, but believe there may be more sustainable aternatives available to them, especially if demand dries up for palm oil.

I don't use those miserable micron thin bags made for fruit and veg - they look to me like absolute killers.

I go for organic milk, so hopefuly our booys are getting less growth hormones, antibiotics and the other shit that industrialised farming pumps into our animals.

I also aim to buy things that are produced locally, except for Israeli products, which I go out of my way to buy because, besides Israel producing the most delicious pickles, Turkish coffee, vegetarian burgers and sausages, and other dairy free products such as ice cream substitutes, there are many misinformed, misled or malicious people out there urging boycotts of Israeli goods, in order to support Shiite and Palestinian terrorism

There, so you see I'm a good little possum and you too can be...try a walk or cycle to your neighbourhood shop, and buy stuff that hopefully reduces suffering.

urban eco warrior back from night run to capture groceries

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