Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wake up and smell the garbage

It's never too late to imagine another life for ourselves, a life beyond Kentucky Fried Cruelty and Big Maconformism

If our children strive to lead lives that look like ours, with the same hogging and duplicating of resources within narrow family units, with the same addictive and unconscious consumption, with the model of two cars in the driveway and 40 appliances in the energy inefficient home and at the energy inefficient school and office, we can expect the ongoing collapse of biodiversity and unpredictable climate change, and we can expect the social problems that accompany a social order which does not facilitate community, ecstacy, simplicity and belonging.

The house that evasion built
has marble foyers
and concierges
and rubbish out the back

The clock ticks
"sustainable homes
sustainable communities
sustainable homes
sustainable communities"

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