Saturday, October 4, 2008

Miscellaneous Manorisms, Danielisms and Guyarisms

see also paradoxes

all change involves betrayal
what will you betray
the past or the future?


If you look for evidence for a proposition you are invested in, you will find it - the emotional investment precedes the sourcing of "proof"

Footnote to my WIP: "My life as a footnote" *
* he bestrode the world stage like a crack between the floorboards


The main task of parents is to get their children through adolesence and themselves through middle age...I'm not sure which is more important, and which is more difficult
Comparisons are of the mind
I seem to enjoy parenting - being a father - particularly to my male patients
have the courage of your peversions
If nothing matters then it does not matter that nothing matters


It seems I can either be
the longing for eternity
eternity itself
but not both;
which do I choose?

The more things are, the more I am

I'm so busy I don't even have time to die (and this does not rest easily with me)
Isn't it obvious? Human sexuality is polymorphous
If I am impatient with myself I will certainly be impatient with my children
People are innocent until proven guilty but in our household it can be safely assumed everything is filthy until proven clean
Beauty must be simultaneously acknowledged and let go of
These are a few of my principles:
try to keep safe
hide in the respectability of conformity and anonymity
don't make waves
don't stand for anything - if you do you'll always end up representing a lie or at least an extremely limited truth

Play small
rather safe AND sorry
no connection is better that inauthentic "connection"

In Hebrew the word for building - "binyan" is related to the word for understanding "bina": Wise students build understanding, and understanding builds the wisdom of peace.

There's nothing anyone can do to stop what is happening from happening. But what IS happening? Even while you're describing it to yourself, its already moved on...this is what they remind us of in Satsang over and over again.

Proposition no.769. the quickest way to change someone's heart-felt opinion about something is to fully embrace it.

The fastest growing religion in the world: resentment

Political freedom without freedom from compulsive repetitive and unexamined thoughts is like exchanging a public prison for a private one

my turn will come. Or it won't. Can anyone think of a third possibility?
A: Its already been?
She has heavy breasts and for that she is to be applauded
he has a large penis and for that too he is too be applauded


I am an example of the uncommon lesser donged shy poet
I have to be ferreted out from the cracks in which I take comfort

PS:What's wrong with this sentence:
"The Jews are responsible for racism"
When desire goes out the window true love comes in the door
As a therapist I can help you by making visible to you that, at least, in one sense you need no help


Its so beautiful that none of my strategies work.

I'd rather have whole news than breaking news
Questions people used to try and answer by enrolling in a philosophy class are now explored on facebook. Do I exist. Does my existence matter? Does it matter to you?

I don't want to die
in the middle of things
I'd much rather die 

when everything has been folded up 
and put away

My hunger for breasts is bottom-less
Don't call me "mate" I will never reproduce with you
My resistance to life as it is, beyond mentation, can be found in the back of my knees
Rabeynu shel olam, are you G-d or what?


In the realm of art an entertaining fiction is generally more digestible than a prosaic truth

All is extremely well, although its parts often do not know this

When you're small they tell you don't be a dobber (= tattle tale) and when you're big they tell you if you see something wrong to blow the whistle
the only way to have your cake is to eat it
Be sceptical about everything, including your own scepticism - miracles happen every day

"All that it takes for evil to flourish is for men to think they are good"

How can I contribute? What piece of the puzzle do I have?


The mountain of autonomy is reached therough the valley of dependence; the fertile fields of depend dance are reached via the mountain pass of autonomy

Feeling overwhelmed? Just because you can't do everything doesn't mean you can't do something. And often some-thing, just a single thing, is more than enough. Rest now in that.

Never underestimate the (self-inflicted) anguish that (the idea that we have agency and make) decisions can cause. Better to believe that everything happens by itself


I said “yes” and I keep on saying “yes” – ken bakodesh chaziticha...


How much I must be, given how strong my conviction that everything "external' to me is.

Yes, am I Ok? is one of our deepest questions, but perhaps am I? is even more fundamental

I am to baffled by my own contradictions to ever be an activist for anything other than clarity

male superiority is a phallusy
Only the wealthy can afford opinions

Let go in order to grow


My indifferent I charge a lot for
but my best I give away for free

Are skateparks an expression of freedom or human hamster wheels? Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.


masturbation may make you blind
but not masturbating may make you unkind

I live to serve
and sometimes being of service looks like
allowing others to serve me

I have a strong desire to do my duty
although I have no idea what it is

What Descartes really was trying to say: I think, therefore I am unhappy

(I know you may think you know what it is, but can you know you are right, just because a lot of other people agree with you)

Addictions, like weeds, grow in the cracks to which no attention is paid
One of the hardest things to overcome is the belief that life should be easy

The PT teacher was not one of those people blessed with self doubt

Some problems are relative, and some relatives are problems

I decided that my contribution to easing the suffering of others would be to not add to it with my own

Some problems require no response - either they go away or you go away, tarti mashma

I'm like a capacitior - thoughts build up in my head and I have to discharge them by writing them down (typing them down to be more exact)

Welcome to the blobosphere (you know who we are)

No more laughing....let's get down to some serious suffering

A person must keep his word - unless it was not his

No thought is better than a prayer


To much humanities is making me inhuman


The more people don't want something to exist the more it manifests, were they to accept it with love, fully and unreservedly, it would vanish

Perhaps there is no need to embrace or capture the experience of the other, because when I speak from my truest "I" I also speak to, for and even from your truest "I"

Not only can I not pull the rabbit out of the hat, I've mislaid the rabbit

Things take time and time takes things

The only way to have your cake is to eat it

Its never too late to admit it's too late...

It takes courage to admit you're a coward

She's pretty and vacuous -
pretty vacuous

The protocols of the elders of celery - the Jewish plot to take over vegetable gardens and make chicken soup

I have been possessed
by The Naughty Dybbuk (use as title for my next book)
of poetry

On some days my mind has me pinned down
by the short and curlies

Could it be that those who grow skilled in acknowledging engineer more profound and lasting change than those who would shrilly seek to influence?

Is the desire to inluence, which chatracterises so much facebook usage, and so many Facebook users (including myself) , actually a desire for power?

It must be said again and again - the most fundamental, perhaps the only freedom - is freedom from unexamined thoughts, from the belief that what we think is true, or is the only truth. Indeed, we shape our universe thought by thought, and are free to discard, disbelieve and reshape our thoughts at any time.
My (is it mine, or is it just coming through "me"??) truth telling happens in time, and at its own time, over time, and I will not let my monkey mind dictate to me when that truth telling is "supposed" to happen.

The desire to fit in has often led to one form or another of murder

When I seek to change others or myself, I inhibit the change that is already happening effortlessly, by itself

I have some students who are too stupid to know that they are stupid
What I've always wanted is immunity from pain, suffering and vulnerability - - not much to ask for, is it?

Daniel Suttner (aged 6)

"can you take a picture of my sunburn so that I can see it"

To his brother aged 8: "You're not the boss of me" Indeed.

(aged 7)

"I think I have an attergy to milk"

Dads are never sad. They are always happy. They do wonderful things for their selfs and to other people. They wear nice close [sic.] every day and they never get late for school each day. Dads are wonderful but [and here comes the punchline] they are not as good as you! We love you so so so much - happy father's day abba

Guy Suttner (aged 8)

"I love my dad because he is generous, artistic and enthusiastic. He is respectful and honourable to others. My dad is funny, willing and caring. He is healthy, happy and excitable. I love my dad."
Guy (9) to Daniel: "Put my sock back or face the coincidences"


If I were to do a cartoon of Guy aged 8, one panel would be labelled: Guy with a private adult conversation happening within a 50 meter radius, and would show him at normal size but with ears the size of dinner plats or bigger, ready to pick up every whispered word.
The second panel would be: Guy being asked to clean his room or do his homework or have a bath etc etc, and would show him at normal size but sans ears or only with two tiny lizard ear holes through which sound can hardly penetrate.

Guy's Friend Nick: because you're a guest you choose what we do
Guy: OK, I choose that you must choose what we do
etc. etc.

To a departed

now that you’re gone
who will I hang
my resentment on?

Blessing on finding my shoes:
Baruch ata Ad-nai elokeynu chai haolamim, asher ayn milim befi letaayr oto
if I can ask for anything
let it be
to sit in my armchair
once or twice a week
listening to the cricket's chirp

A secure building is an insecure building
and a man with a gun is expecting attack

in a society where everything is permissible and there are no taboos, then nothing is valuable

taboos are a way of creating drama, tension, excitation

Things take time...and time takes things

Hayom ani mashkiv et beni
veyom echad hu yashkiv oti

It sounds better in the Hebrew but the rough English translation is

"Today I lay my son down [to sleep]
and one day he will lay me down too

Must a killer be true to his killer nature in order to live in integrity???I found a sick pigeon
and gave it some water
when I returned
it had gone (tho its body was still there)

I am, most likely, too focused on people’s resistance to becoming conscious rather than giving some space and attention to the irrestible (ultimately) forces that want to wake them up.

Picture the scene: a germophobic and prissy grandma has to baby sit her two fluey grandchildren – and she does so by keeping an elaborate distance from them, and histrionically shielding her nose and mouth whenever they get anywhere near her….punch line could be her donning a gas mask after they’ve sneezed on her one two many times…and then they run screaming from her in terror, or mom and dad come back home and she opens the door for them in a gas mak, and two their anxious questions responds in a muffled gas mask voice that everything is OK, then shows them the children cowering under their beds in terror

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