Sunday, February 16, 2014

What if a truth serum / anti-inhibitory agent

What if a truth serum / anti-inhibitory agent suddenly escaped from a secret government laboratory, and made its way into the atmosphere, where jet streams carried it all over the planet, till every single human being - except one - had inhaled it.

How would our world look then? Would politicians say straight out they wanted influence and validation and to remake the world in their own image? Would corporations dispense with all the nonsense about service and core values at their staff inductions, and tell the staff that it was all about making money for the executive team, the board and the shareholders, and that they could even keep a tiny bit for themselves. Would advertisers insist on creating split screen commercials where, on one side where the usual happy staff dancing at Kentucky McDoanlds Nandos, and on the other were the debeaked chickens and pigs in sowing crates waiting to be industrially processed?

Would people in the office, at school, on the bus, scratch their butt itch unashamedly and vocalise the relief with long moans of pleasure? Would people dig ear buds into their ears, eat their snot, and sigh with pleasure or pain while standing in a queue at the bank? Would priests voluntarily raise their hand to say yes, I did ask that child to touch my penis, and it was thrilling for a moment, but since then I've lived in terrible fear of being caught out and thank G-d its finally over.

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