Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tokenism, due process, appearance and substance

It is important to be strong
but not strong smelling
it is important to be succesful
but not a successful criminal
it is important to be generous
but not to give everything away
it is important to work hard
but not to become hardened
it is important to be adequate
but not so adequate you never afford anyone the opportunity to do something for you
tokenism in police process....
the phenomenon where police are notoriously reluctant
to reopen a case even when it becomes abundantlt clear that the wrong person was put behind bars
a fake resolution is as important as a real one, as psychologically long as we've put someone in jail
foundations and tokenism


tokenism in faith communities


tokenism in compliance legislation in the workplace

tokenism in education - my counselling degree and collaboration to beat the system...


asylum seekers must write an exam in advanced hypocrisy before they can be eligible for Australian citizenship...

PSA - the Australian coat of arms.
FX rifle shots. The kangeroo keels over. A joey emerges from its pocket and is clubbed to death, as per the guidelines...see this review of current legislation
then the kangeroo is stuffed, and glassy eyed, propped back up again next to the national coat of arms...

how to promote, suport and sustain ongoing integration in afractured world where contradiction seems to be built into the fabric itself?

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