Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Art of War Al Pi Ashton

Catherine Ashton, Vice-president and high representative of the European Union for foreign affairs and security policy, made the following statement on Friday 16th November. "The rocket attacks by Hamas and other factions in Gaza, which began this current crisis, are totally unacceptable for any government and must stop,” Ashton said.“Israel has the right to protect its population from these kind of attacks. I urge Israel to ensure that its response is proportionate,” she said.

This comment can be explained in two ways. It may mean: "When you are attacked, do not try to overwhelm your opponent, rather leave them in a condition where they can attack you again the next day" 

or it might be advising the Israeli's to treat the Palestinians in Gaza in a way similar to the way Palestinians have treated Israelis, perhaps even copy the Palestinians exactly, to make sure everything is fair and in proportion. If the latter, she seems to be suggesting that Israel should indiscriminatel shoot 12 000 rockets into civilian centres of Gaza (which is basically the whole of Gaza), and pack these rockets with nails and bolts so they can maim and kill as much as possible. In addition Israel should send suicide bombers into Gaza to blow up buses packed with Palestinians, places where Palestinians are celebrating religious holidays, pizza parlours (or the Gazan equivalent) and coffee houses, bus stops, and so forth.

Which do you think she meant? 

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