Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Have A Good Day - Sutra 3

What does "have a good day" mean?
it means "go away you've paid"
it means "I will dismiss you before you can dismiss me"
it means "leave me alone I will not show you anything that might make me vulnerable"
it means "I am not available for any kind of interaction"
it means " you may still have something I can benefit from in the future"
it means "I'm in the groove, at least this way I can live with the numbness"
it means "I don't wish to know you or myself and I hope I never have to meet either of us"


Commentary: there is a direct link between the fear that halts process and offers up stunted incomplete versions of relationship, and the simultaneous or subsequent ways in which people attempt to unstick themselves and get their needs for authenticity, integration, autonomy, bliss and oblivion met. Every synthetic "have a good day" multiplied across hundreds of commodified relationships creates the kind of despair and numbness which ends in drunken MVA's, incessant use of pornography, uncontrollable gambling, workaholism, obesity, and all the other addictions and afflictions of affluence.  

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