Monday, February 20, 2012

When Adar enters, we boogey

As we enter the celebratory month of Adar, its a great opportunity to interrogate our moribund notions of causality, and to step once again beyond mental constructs into the flow of life. This is the message of the injunction - ad shelo yada - a person must become so drunk that they can no longer splittheworld into opposing parts, but go beyond to the essential unity where all serves the Holy One, blessed be They.

Purim – and the Hebrew month of Adar – is all about the hidden connections between things. The butterfly effect. Everything in the story of Esther happens kevyachol coincidentally. Bemikre. Follow the coincidences.

All of us are Queen Esther’s – heroes saving the day.

One last thing. The Hebrew word mikreh – incident, something that happens, when reversed spells hashem rakam - G-d has woven….


I think not. (But, of course, better not to think at all)

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