Monday, February 6, 2012

Single pointedness

ז רֵאשִׁית חָכְמָה, קְנֵה חָכְמָה; וּבְכָל-קִנְיָנְךָ, קְנֵה בִינָה.

The beginning of wisdom is to acquire wisdom
and with every skilled means you have
to gain understanding

Proverbs 4:7


Prayer to be said upon making a mistake: "Thank you G?d/Life for creating the opportunity for me to learn now what was needed to be learnt now."

As a footnote to this, re the word "need". Most human needs are really wants, and shallowly articulated wants at that - we often articulate only the tip of the want not its more fundamental root.

The only context that the use of the word "need" is unconditionally justified is the context of reality - what "needs"to happen is what actually happens - if I find freedom now it needed to happen, if I lose what I assumed was "mine it needed to happen. How do I know it needed to happen? Because it did. As Byron Katie says "You can argue with G?d and you'll only lose 100% of the time."

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