Sunday, August 21, 2011

Its Curtains!

Here are some great texts suitable for Jewish Kirtans:

1) Bilvavi - letting go of ego (i.e your stories)

Bilvavi mishkan evneh, lehadar kevodo
uvmishkan mizbeach asim lekarnei hodo
ulner tamid ekach li et eysh haakeydah
ulekorban akriv lo et nafshi, et nafshi hayechida

I will build a sanctuary in my heart, to beautify His presence
and in this sanctuary I will place an alter, to receive His majesty
and for an eternal light I will offer up the fire from the binding of Isaac
and as a sacrifice (giving up the lesser to come closer to the greater) I will offer up my singular being

2) Adon Olam - all or any part - Eternal One

3) Yedid Nefesh - beloved of my soul

4) Telihim Chaf Gimmel - Psalm 23

5) Ana Bekoach -

6)Adoshem Hu Elokim - the Lord is G-d

7) Ayn od milvado - There is nothing besides Self

8) Keyl Rachum ve Chanun - Merciful One

9) Hallelu

10)Shabos Kodesh (the tune of the Moshav Band)

11) Rachmana d' anei, deanei le'anyei


13)Selected verses from anim' zmirot

14)Barechi Nafshi


16)Return return

17) Pitchu li shaarei tzedek - moshav band tune

open the gates of cosmic balance/I will enter, with gratitude to the Divine/ thank you for you have answered/and become my salvation/the stone that the builders despised/ has become a corner stone/this is from Jah/ it is amazing in our sight/ this day, this moment, is as G-d as it gets/ we will delight and take joy in it

18) Avinu Malkeinu - our father, our king!

19)Kol Galgal

20) Ki Va Moed - Carlebach - now is the time

21) Yivneh Beyto - Carlebach

22) Listen listen listen (to my heart's song)

23) Shifchi kamayim - Carlebach

24) Ken bakodesh

25) Lev Tahor

26) Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh - done responsively

ie. leaders: kadosh, kadosh, kadosh
devotees: kadosh kadosh kadosh
leaders:adoshem tzevaot
devotees:adoshem tzevaot
leaders:meloh chol haaretz kevodod
devotees:meloh chol haaretz kevodo
and repeat upping tempo slightly

27) חסד מופלא
קול דממה דקה
שפדה נפשי השבויה
הייתי עיור, הרגשתי חסר

חסד מופלא
מה מתוק הצליל

28)Krakow Niggun


Chanting these word sounds may help to reintroduce G-d consciousness to many people,or states of excitement and or bliss and or repose. To chant shemot (names) of the divine is to be in love with devotion, with the spell of surrender, which is why Krishna Das can chant the name of Jesus ("open up the gates of the church and let me out of here/ too many people have died in the name of christ for anyone to hear the call") and see it merely as a synonym for boundary-less love, which anhilates all effort and all artificially maintained difference.

To get a sense check out Kirtan Rabbi, and Reb Krishna (nee Jeffry Kagel)

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