Tuesday, August 16, 2011

HaTikvah (Ha Amitit)

My only hope is: This world (and is there a world or is it all just my own projection?) is somehow - incomprehensibly - already perfect and nothing needs to be done (except for that which will be done by The Doer). Not perfect from the point of view of the body, of course, which cannot escape birth and death (and if it is not an early death then add to the inescapables decay) but from the point of view of THAT which briefly animates the body for its own ends.

On the other hand, in her shmooze (discourse) "The Lion Courage of the Heart" Gangaji seems to me to be inviting us to abandon such fictitious hopes, which are just another means of postponement, of avoiding whatever is here right now.

Eylu veeylu divrei Elokim chayim...these and these are the words of the living G-d.

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