Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sculpture by the Sea 2010

One of the amazing thing about Australia in particular, and perhaps about many affluent countries in general, is the amount of nurturing amazing stuff that's out there, freely accessible, in the public domain. One of the nices events on the Sydney calendar - if you can call it an event because its so meditative and lesuirely - is sculpture by the sea. Even though the photographs on the website are technically better than ours, this is what caught our eye. Some because of their whimsy, some because of their (sometimes disturbing) evocativeness.

How fortunate we are to live so close to such a beautiful coastline and to such a playful re-visioning of it.


Travelling sfmx in ZA said...

Shalom Mano - there is/was NO photo to this blog post. Is that correct?

Thanks, hug, faarooqm

. said...

Dear sfmx in ZA

O most faithful of readers
beautiful pictographs coming soon