Thursday, November 4, 2010

Buy a Toyota (or Honda, or Subaru) and kill a whale

Well many whales actually. Maybe its time those of us who love the idea of whales - and I say idea becauuse how many of us have actually seen a real whale - and anyway its hard to love something that big. respect. yes. Awe. Yes. Wonder. yes. But love? Perhaps but at a suitably safe distance. So those of us who like the idea that when we drift off to sleep at night, the last few remaining whales are not being harpooned and turned into whale soup or whatever the Japanese do with them, maybe its time we started voting with our hard earned shekels and buying European or Korean cars. I don't say Chinese, because of Tibet and a whole host of other reasons, and I don't say Iceland because, although they also whale indiscriminately, they don't make cars, or much else, and any kind of boycott may not be effective.
But Japan may respond to a downturn in sales, and anyway Korea and several European countries make some pretty good cars. Just a thought.

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