Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I had a dream

I had a dream (don't we all?) that I was performing Cat Stevens songs to an audience - songs like Peace Train - and there was some anxiety in me about how I was doing, in the dream, would I be able to hit the high notes and smoothly execute the difficult bits? And I was doing OK with it, maybe even well, and there was a sense of relief when I had pulled off a slightly challenging line, but then somehow I was also in bed, or at least lying on my stomach., comatose, unable to move, and someone - I knew it was family, my wife or sons - was calling to me - they kept on calling to me and I could not move a muscle to respond, not even my lips or organs of speech and I was desperately trying to tell them if they wanted something from me they would have to help me, raise my head, cup it, free me...I strained terribly to overcome the paralysis, help me I tried to tell them, and succeeded in a small mumble...
help me
help me
then I awoke. It was Vivien calling me to wake up from what she had assumed had been a nightmare.
"You're having a bad dream" she said. "you've been mumbling and then saying help me, help me, help me.
It sems her trying to wake me up had entered my dream, and I'd hovered between my dream and the body in bed...


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