Thursday, September 2, 2010

Finnegan's Wake in CyberSpace

What if James Joyce had written Finnegan's Wake in the age of CyberSpace? Then all those layers of meaning he tried to get with puns and ambiguity and homonyms (lashon nofel al lashon) he might have got by hypertexting almost every single word, which would link you to another source, which would link you to another...I thought of this while reading some heavily hypertexted blogs, where the text becomes a new kind of artefact. Not only does it stand as a unit in its own right, but each word, we are reminded, can become the centre-piece of some other post or article - just look at any wikipedia entry - so the sense of an article being bolted together from component words is much stronger than its is, perhaps, in static texts.

Are feel good endings in synch with life?

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