Sunday, July 18, 2010

Being a house husband

By the time I have packed the dishwasher, done some homework with the boys (Hebrew homework is particularly exhausting seeing as the boys resist it) and hung up the washing my brain is dry and numb and not a drop of anything interesting or alive can be squeezed out of it - a room of her own applies as much to him.

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Katie said...

I think it is not very different, being a house husband or house wife. The work is still the same. I remember that wringed out feeling well. In the end I stopped doing homework with the kids. After all, I did homework from age 5 to age 23 and then again from age 37 to age 41. I just can't do any more. Not even theirs. Especially not theirs.
New idea: Make yourself some melted cheese on toast, watch "the Sopranos" on TV and let them do their own homework.