Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Go Julia Go

For absolutely no rational or well -thought out reason(s) Julia Gillard gets my vote! Here are a few of the irrational ones:

1) She's a woman - maybe she'll do a better job than a man, and she gets my tokenistic vote as a generic representative of under represented woman kind

2) She doesn't appear to be too unfairly biased against Israel, and has not always joined the herds neighing in condemnation everytime Israel sneezes or coughs

3) She seems to be honest - for example she said on radio yesterday that she's not a believer - i.e. that she's an athiest - and I think this is wonderful that she doesn't misrepresent in order to try and gain votes. Not that I'm an athiest myself, on the contrary I believe that G?d believes in me, but I certainly think G?d needs to be freed from the shackles and manipulation of religion, and rather an honest athiest than a paedophile priest in charge.

4)She got a partner but not married to him (perfectly and beautifully legitimate) so she'll be married to her job, and she's childless, so Australia will be her baby

5) She seems to have some good ideas and be able to communicate them and give as good as she gets

6) She's a red head, just as David HaMelech - King David was

7) She's her own woman

8) I belive she'll go beyong knee jerk responses to the big issues

9) She comes of good working class stock

So Go Julia Go

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