Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dem Jews Blues

When my/your Jewishness is very important to someone else
they work this preoccupation into the conversation
very soon:
"food not kosher enough for you?"
"I know some very rich people - they became rich because they never gave a cent to anyone..."
"Martin Cohen - you must know him..."

they know nothing about me
not my thoughts, not my history
not my journey
but my Jewishness looms large in their sight
"oh is that your Yiddish genes coming out"
"yes the Jews control Hollywood"
I could argue
I could cite evidence to the contrary
but something in me whispers it will not help
that they need to much for me to be a role in their universe
which I refuse to be

Once in a hotel in East London
I overheard snatches of conversation:
a man in a suit, another man, a woman, the man in the suit was telling them
"why do you think everybbody 's always hated them...
there must be something to it
all through history..."
he was talking conpiracy

I wanted to walk around and say
"Hi, I'm Immanuel
and I love the sun
and to dance and to sing
and we used to have a dog called Ms Muffet
and none of what this man is saying is true."

But I felt too embarassed
I've never been one for confronting
and if people want to believe lies, its their affair...


I'm too hands on to be a theoretician
and too dreamy to be a technician

My definition: "Jew hatred - that phenomenon which allows the pressing problems of the world (poverty, dictatorships, rigidity of thought, religions of resentment, child slavery, homophobia, bigotry of all sorts, unconsciousness) to go unattended to.

So many Jews in the west live a strange half life - going to work, participating in and partaking of the life of their respective countries, contributing, sharing, being part of, and then suddenly you realise the person next to you at soccer or netball practice is openly espousing that your family in Israel are not fully human, and that they be, at best turned into refugees, at worst murdered and its extremely awkward - so many of us have been schooled to avoid conflict, be nice, pretend it will all go away - certainly that is what I do best....

Here's how it goes: the Jews / Israelis are accused of a crime (any incident will do, and the context is always ignored...after all any excuse is good enough for a bully). Along with the accusations of a crime, the idea of Israeli / Jewish power is obsessively doted upon....all evidence to the contrary being supressed. Once the perpetrators have firmly established in their psyche Jewish criminality and power, they have then justified the sewer of violent hatred that pours out from them as they commit real crimes of vandalism and assault upon their victims, Jews and Jew boeties i.e. anyone who dares express their human solidarity with us. Unfortunately we are only at the beginning of the current wave of this process, which generally needs a pile of Jewish corpses before it burns itself out

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