Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fuck Valentine's Day

From the rehabilitation clinics, from the abbatoirs and tortured factory farms, from the land fill and plastic bottle swill in the Pacific, from the prisons and psychiatric wards, from the people hooked on anti-depressants, from the youngsters drinking because no-one ever showed them a way to bliss, from the reality of the myth, from the cancer wards and saline soil, from the divorce courts and brothels, from the juvenile courts and rotten old-age homes, from the murky casinos where children in pyjamas wait in child care for the parents to tear themselves away from the slot machines, from the opiates of sport and shopping and television and online porn, from the sex tourists pillaging the children of developing countries, from workaholics and issues management spin doctors, from the paranoid fear and hate filled conspiracy theorists, from the denial and disintegration, suppression, repression projection and splitting which lies at the heart of Western fibiliesation I say fuck the coloured baubles and trinkets of valentines day and fathers day and mothers day, where brave new world citizen robots dutifully consume.... a part of you may want to stay uncomfortably numb, but another part of you must want something that cannot be commodified...come away from the market place, from the collective pretense, turn and look for something real....

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