Saturday, December 5, 2009

The golden lottery ticket

Onece there was a boy who dreamed big. He decided he would win a million dollars! So he saved all his pocket money and after 6 months he had enough to buy a big lottery ticket which had fifty numbers on it. The ticket was printed on special cream coloured paper, with swirling gold letters and a gold border. He put it up on the wall and stared at it every day. He wrote down exactly what he would do with the million dollars - buy himself roller blades and a new gaming console and (because he was a caring boy) he'd buy his mom a new car, to replace her broken old car, and he'd give 5% to an animal charity, and another 5% to a charity in Israel, that helped new immigrants from Ethiopia and Russia to settle in, and some would go for a holiday for his mom and his grandpa and his sister - their dad didn't live with them anymore. TO BE CONTINUED...
When he eventually wins the lottery he's so in love with the ticket he can't let go of it, and chooses to keep the ticket rather than the 100 000 dollars it wins him.

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