Monday, December 21, 2009

Down...and out

22nd Kislev (7th night of Chanukah) / 17th December

Breaking News. My roof top “garden” ( at least in aspiration, really a collection of pots and tins) has been ordered to come down, because the managing agents have said it is in violation of the insurance. In rule-bound Australia these things matter infinitely more than a few straggly and symbolic vegetables, so they must be brought down. But depite the temporary setback all is not lost because the veggies are going to go...out. A temporary home will be by the washing lines down stairs (until someone complain about that.) Thereafter we’ll see.

Let human ingenuity triumph over human pettiness, and individual “choice” over the nanny state. The images below, from a bathroom in the municipal information centre in Paramatta, are further (very mild) evidence of nannystatehood-dom in whose thrall dear Australia lies.

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