Monday, April 20, 2009

Bereishit bara Elokim...the G?d of creation

Its amazing how relatively early on in their lives people produce work that echoes the themes they will keep on prescient these works are, how the non-time bound essence already works through the adolescent body. Here are three works by three friends of mine, all pure and beautiful souls who have all gone on to achieve and be greatness in their own way, and who have all fulfilled their original promise. All of them were created at around age 15 or 16, at the time of the great flowering.

The image above is by Porat Jacobson, a talented artist who has long walked his own path with courage, dignity, and sensitivity. As teenagers he rode to me on his bike and expose me for the first time to the study of mishna. He had a seminal influence on my life. On the surface we haven't spoken to each other for years but in my heart I love him.

The next piece is by Adrian Perkel, now one of the most respected therapists in South Africa. This early sample of his writing taken from the King David School Magazine of 1979 again seems to echo in so many ways the twists and turns of his subsequent journey. To make the image large enough to read, simply click on it.

The third item is a delicate sketch by, I believe Sharmaine Krengel, who is now called Shimona Tzukernik. You can visit her webpage on

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