Monday, September 22, 2008

Chaymo the fox and some truthful thoughts

Hello children. Today I'm going to tell you a story about Cheymo of Woolhara

Here is a dad who has just come home from his work. His name is Sam Brown

Here is a mum busy cooking supper

Here is Daniel, who is playing a computer game

Here is Shelley, who is doing her homework

Here is the whole family having supper together. They all love each other very much. But chaymo must watch out, for if they see him they will have him trapped, or gassed, or killed with a lethal injection.

Here is Chaymo hiding in the bushes.

Here is Chaymo watching Shelley take Buckley, the family's labrador, for a walk.

Buckley is well looked after. He goes with the family on holiday. He gets fed chicken and meat from animals slaughterd in an abbatoir.

The other day Chaymo killed and ate a pigeon that had a broken wing and could not fly away. He was very hungry. He hadn't eaten for four days. In the morning Delilah found the bones of the pidgeon and was horrified. It ruined her day. She couldn't stop thinking about it, even as she was crumbed the veal for the evening meal.

Chaymo usualy dines late at night, from the rubbish bins. He finds lots of food there. He also finds things that are not food in there. Here is Cheymo with a plastic ring around his mouth. Unless Cheymo can work out how to remove the ring from his mouth he many not eat again. then the Brown's will not need to have him trapped and killed.

Foxes are vermin and dogs are pets. If you are a pet you may be well looked after or abandoned when your owners get bored with you. If you are abandoned you may be rescued by groups of people who look after pets and try and find them new homes. If you are designated vermin you may be shot, or poisoned. You may be caught in a a painful trap. You may be electrocuted. If any of these things are done your suffering will ed.

Authority is not something you have, its something you do - do you want to do it?

There is something undeniably heroic about heroism...

True to my coward nature I would like to die quietly and painlessly in my bed ( im neshikat elokim ve nashim - by the kiss of G-d and the kiss of women)
True to my hero nature I would like to die bravely defending the children
Due to my Bhuddha nature I would like to die the death I die

Ribono shel olam
Taaseh oti amitz vegibor
taazor, taazor, taazor

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